Get inside my brain!

Welcome to my not-so-private-journal! The days of writing in the tapebound composition notebooks are over for me, and I am moving on to bigger and better things. Technology. Isn’t it great? You don’t have to search my room for my diary full of secrets; I am going to share all of my thoughts with you right here, so come along with me to Spain and get inside my brain by checking in regularly to see what crazy adventure I am up to next!!

For those of you who haven’t heard the news yet, I will not be in the states for the upcoming three months. Surprise! Instead I will be 4,184.40 miles away studying in the beautiful country of Spain. I am leaving everything that I am accustomed to and will be learning how to survive in another culture. Crazy, right? But so awesome! I am so stoked to be going abroad and am very thankful for the opportunity to study in a culture that I am very passionate about. I am so excited to be immersed in the Hispanic culture, and I know I will learn so much! [A little disclaimer to all…you may want to have the Spanish translator tab open while reading my blog because I will most definitely be posting in Spanish at times. Sorry, I can’t help it. Here’s a pretty good link–>]

This is what I am expecting that this blog will look like: First of all, if you are wondering why in the world my blog is titled “horchata & hammocks,” I’ll fill you in. Horchata is a delicious Hispanic drink with a slight variation depending on which Hispanic country you are in. In Spain, horchata is made from tigernuts, water, and sugar resulting in a milky beverage. I have yet to try Spanish horchata, but I will let you all know what it’s like when I do. You may also be wondering where the hammock part comes into play…you see, my wonderful boyfriend, Gabe, is letting me take his hammock to Spain. [Thanks Gabe!] So, I am going to make an attempt to be relaxing in the hammock when I am updating you all on my adventures. Hopefully I will be able to post new blogs fairly regularly, but we will see what my schedule is like once I add 4 classes into the mix. Feel free to leave comments here or contact me on Facebook! See you all in 117 days!

¡Un fuerte abrazo!



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