This is the flight that never ends…

Well the flight was very very long, although I do have to say that it wasn’t as bad as an 8 hour car ride out to northwest Iowa…I still don’t know how people do that more than one time in their lives…anyways getting to the correct place at the airport was the hardest step of the process. From terminal 3 parking lot to terminal 5 and back to terminal 3 my family rolled my suitcases rather quickly so we wouldn’t be too late. Taking the airport tram wasn’t in our plans, but a fun added adventure. After FINALLY meeting up with the rest of the Semester In Spain group, I checked my luggage (which was in fact less that 50 lbs) and obtained my boarding pass.
From there the goodbyes started. Not long after we found the group I was already saying goodbye to my family. A couple of tears were shed, but as my mom said, “it’s not goodbye, it’s see ya later.” Good words mom :)
We are now about 3 hours into our 8 hour flight to Madrid… That’s it?! This is going to take forever. And then after a couple hour layover in Madrid, we fly on to Sevilla, my home for the next 3.5 months. There are so many different noises on this plane. In front of me and to the sides of me sit many SIS (Semester In Spain) students chatting away in English while behind me sits a group of people speaking Spanish. My brain doesn’t know what language it wants to work in. Another shout out to mi madre for my reading selection for the flight and my trip. Today she stuck a copy of “The Shack” into my backpack, so I have been reading that. I’m not too far into it, but what I have read so far I have liked.
Although I am very tired, I think the young boy behind me is determined that I don’t sleep. Every 7 minutes and 39 seconds I get a slight nudge on my chair reminding me that I probably won’t get to sleep any time soon. I guess while I’m not sleeping ill watch “42.”
I have been able to get to know some of the students that I will be spending the next semester with. Everyone seems to be slightly nervous about speaking Spanish 24/7. I’m glad to see others are in that boat with me.
Well it’s been a few more hours and I was finally able to catch some z’s. Although I must say, sleeping on a plane takes things to a whole new level. And I thought sleeping in the car was a difficult task to accomplish. Try adding 60 extra people in the mix and then trying to sleep. Now that is impressive if you can actually get some sleep.

¡Buenos días de España!

Breakfast and a beautiful sunrise to start off the day…or continue it in my case. While my body thinks it it midnight, local time is 7:00 am. I would really love to sleep in a bed, but I don’t see that happening any time soon because we still have a layover and another flight. The plus side, these flight attendants are still smiling and joking with the passengers :) and there was a Kit Kat in my breakfast box.
¡Un fuerte abrazó!


3 responses to “This is the flight that never ends…

  1. Thanks for the “shoutouts!” :)
    Hopefully your brain gets used to Spanish and you catch up on sleep quickly :)

  2. MELISSA! I make the 8 hour drive because I love the people here :) It’s so good to read about all the fun times you are having. Me and Michael were super jealous when we saw your salsa dancing pictures! I love you lots and am glad you’re having a blast… Let’s skype soon please
    much love,
    your sister
    p.s. the next time I write it might be in Spanish :)

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