Un Cambio

“Un cambio de tus pensamientos es un cambio de tu camina de tu vida.”

A good quote from our church service last week, but what does it mean? Literally in English it means “A change in your thoughts is a change in your walk of life.”

But what does that REALLY mean? Well that’s a great question that I don’t have all of the answers for, but I am going to share my thoughts thus far…

For me, if I am thinking about a certain task, and really focusing on it, I can complete that task well. For example, I have never really been an avid reader, but when I put my mind to it and focus on the task at hand, I gain more knowledge that I would have ever expected. And then comes multitasking…at times the killer of all progress. Try reading a story in Spanish while thinking of a million different other things and listening to music [in English] at the same time. Yea, no progress there. Whereas if I am solely focusing on reading in Spanish…..I can do a pretty good job :)

“Un cambio de tus pensamientos es un cambio de tu camina de tu vida.”

I truly believe that if you can focus on changing your thought from sinful to pure, you will see a change in your life. While the pastor of my church here in Spain didn’t preach on multitasking, I believe it is a huge piece to the puzzling statement above. If we are so focused on everything around us, how are we supposed to focus on changing our thoughts so that our lives will be changed? How do we put aside all of what society says to genuinely change our thoughts? If someone has the answer to that, please let me know, because I am still searching for that answer myself. How do we cope with the circumstances that we are in or the pain that we are going through in our lives? How do we put aside everything to change our thoughts in order to change our lives?

The twofold answer:
1) we can’t
2) but Jesus can!

It’s tough, I know that much. But what I also know is that it it worth it. To live with a changed life because of what Jesus has done is the best feeling in the world. Sure we still get sidetracked trying to keep up with the latest trends or fitting in to society, but the thing is, God is always right there waiting.

“Un cambio de tus pensamientos es un cambio de tu camina de tu vida.”

So when we do fix our eyes on Jesus and think on everything that he wants for our lives, that is when we start to see our lives change. It is fascinating how much less I have personally cared about what the word thinks of me and more of how God views me. Knowing that Jesus is going to love me no mater what, what is greater than that? The fact that he gave his life for me, what fashion trend is better than that? So I am going to remind myself daily,

“Un cambio de tus pensamientos es un cambio de tu camina de tu vida.”

Really, it’s a great phrase to live by. One of the best that I have heard thus far.
And the sermon today just added to the hope and promise, as if it was a continuation of last week’s message. The topic today was make your dreams and desires for your life the same as God’s dreams and desires for you. Live the life that he wants for you, because he wants the best. This doesn’t mean you will become rich and famous, and it doesn’t mean that you are going to live a pain free life. It means God is going to bless you in the ways that you need to be blessed according to His dream for you.  And we can find that same promise in the Bible too:

“Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.” Romans 12:2

Ay! What a great promise we have in Jesus Christ!

Okay, now I want to tell you more about the church I am attending here in Spain because I am so excited about it!!! It is in all Spanish (obviously), and it is considered to be non-denominational. And a little background on religion in general in Spain…0.01% of the population of Spain consider themselves Evangelical Christians. There are many Catholic Christians here, both by association and by practice, but it is very rare to find an Evangelical Christian. Therefore, I am very happy to be attending this church! Anyways, so the congregation is made up of roughly 35 people, and there are not many young people. When the pastor preaches, a lot of the time he is yelling because he is so pumped up for Jesus. It’s sweet! The people there are very welcoming and remembered us from last weeks attendance (perks to the small churches!).

AND i made 2 Spanish friends today!! Victoria and Esther. They are the PKs of the church (Pastor’s Kids) and they weren’t in church last week because they were on a youth retreat, so I just got to meet them today. After the service I went up to Victoria and she introduced herself to me, and we talked for a while. She then introduced me to her sister. They are both younger than me, and were very willing to get to know me (a little bit rare for Spaniards). We ended up talking for roughly a half an hour after the service, and through small talk found out that my friend Sarah and I played the piano back in the day. They asked us to play a song on the keyboard, so we played the song that everyone knows but no one actually knows the name….yea great description. They loved it so much that they recorded it on their phone so they could learn it!! I am very excited to become better friends with these girls! And maybe some day I can lead songs with them at church!

Also towards the end of each church service everyone goes up to the front of church for the congregational prayer. Let me tell you, this prayer is NOTHING like the congregational prayer at my church back home. I was in for a treat! Everyone here prays at the same time, so there is a lot of talking and some yelling and singing going on. It’s a little bit chaotic, but the awesome thing is that God can hear what each individual person is saying! It’s so cool, my words can’t even describe it! So as we are all standing there praying, the pastor walks around and prays for some people, I don’t know how he chooses who he is going to pray for, but all of a sudden as I am standing there with my eyes closed, speaking my prayer in Spanish out loud, I felt a hand on my forehead. I was a little bit startled. The pastor had come over to pray for me. What. An. Experience. Obviously it was all in Spanish, but it was so cool that I could understand all of it! He thanked God that I had come to this church, and also prayed that when I return to the US, that I will be able to make a difference. WOW! Now that was so awesome. So many emotions too. With a big smile on my face and some tears running down my cheeks, I just thanked God for all that he has been doing in my life and for what he still has left to do!

Needless to say, I love my church here in Spain, and am blessed to call this my church home :) We were even invited to the dinner that the church is having on Saturday night and will be experiencing a baptism next Sunday! But more on that later, now I am going to sleep in the peace of God.

And I pray that this phrase will always be on your heart and mind, no matter where in the world or where in your Christian walk you are.

“Un cambio de tus pensamientos es un cambio de tu camina de tu vida.”

¡Con mucho emoción!



6 responses to “Un Cambio

  1. Melissa Ann!! I have tears running down my face! So glad you have found a church home in Spain! “Un cambio de tus pensamientos es un cambio de tu camina de tu vida.” Soo Soo true!!! ♥

  2. My dear & lovely F.B..
    Wow! So thrilled to see those writing classes pay off! I have no words to describe my love for you and how proud I am of you. I am humbled at the same time to see God at work in your life. Continue trusting Him and loving people.
    Hoe awesome to have the pastor pray for you in a native language that you are understanding more and more and that God understands too!
    Love you tons and have a great day and week!

  3. Veeeery cool post! I may or may not have joined the teary-eyed folks here ;-) “My” little Melis…all growing up. So thrilled to hear how God is working in your life. It is beautiful to think about the communion of saints and how you have a family when you are so far from home. Veeeery cool :-)

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