There’s something in the food…

I’m pretty sure that the people here put some kind of sleeping drug in the food that we eat for lunch. No matter how hard I try to actually read my Spanish history homework after lunch, my eyes always start to droop.

I think this is the real reason for the siesta, but it’s just a theory ;)
Speaking of siestas, they are my absolute most favorite part of the day. What other culture has a chunk of the day set aside to relax? It is so wonderful and shows a different side if the Spanish culture.
Siesta time is roughly from 2 until 6 in the afternoon. During this time, most of the stores and cafés close up shop and the workers all head home to relax. Some outsiders might see siesta time as laziness, but this is not the case. During the summer months especially, it is hot here. We’re talking upper 90’s in August and September, and even hotter May-July. This is the main reason for shutting down the city. Everyone goes to their homes (that don’t have air conditioning because electricity costs a boat load here) to escape the heat of the day.
For me, siesta time has been a perfect time to unwind and rest up from the lack of sleep from the night before :) This is also a time to work on building and maintaining relationships. That is so sweet. Lunch time is not cut short to get back to work like it is in America, but instead, hours are spent around the table enjoying one another’s company and laughing hysterically. So America, you can learn something from the Spanish culture. :)
Another reason for taking a siesta is so you have enough energy to go out later that night. It is not uncommon to hear children playing in the streets at midnight or one o’clock. As a matter of fact, the restaurants don’t usually close until that time anyways. If this culture were an animal, it would be a night owl. People stay up soooo late here.
The younger crowd of Spain should definitely get a medal for staying out late. I have heard (and haven’t gotten to experience it yet) that they stay out until 6 or 7 AM!! Yea. That’s straight up craziness. They must sleep the entire siesta time to accomplish that. And that folks is one of my goals for this semester. Become like a Spaniard and stay out till I see the sun rise. Mom, it’s part of the culture, I have to do it :)
But anyways it is just about siesta time over here, so that means I get to go sleep!

¡Un fuerte abrazo!


One response to “There’s something in the food…

  1. Umm….Melissa? You were gonna try to stay out late the other night weren’t you? Ha! Guess you and your friends have to “work up to” staying out that late :) If I were there…….you know we could of accomplished that! :)

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